Celebrate the New Year in Puerto Vallarta with Blue Chairs

One of the most awaited parties is, paradoxically, the last one of the old year and the first one of the new year. No doubt we all hope that this year will end and party as if there were no tomorrow on the last night of the year 2020 that will not be missed. 

As it has been for many years, there is no experience like receiving the new year in Puerto Vallarta, the adrenaline at its maximum and an incredible view of the bay illuminated by fireworks and visitors from different parts of the world with which to receive the new year. 

In the epicenter of the best parties, and the atmosphere of gay Puerto Vallarta, we invite you to discover why celebrate the new year in Puerto Vallarta and stay at the LGBT+ hotel with the greatest tradition in the Down Town, The Blue Chairs Resort by The Sea.

The best new years eve party in Puerto Vallarta

The warm winters of the Bahia de Banderas region is one of the main reasons why thousands of people from all over the world decide to choose this region as their place to receive and have their New Year's Eve party. But it is only one of the reasons.

A New Year's Eve in Puerto Vallarta is a unique experience: the good vibe that is lived among the people walking through the streets full of color and expectation for a night different from all the others. All walkers look for a place to be dazzled when at 12 o'clock at night the city bursts into color and the black waters of the bay are filled with color by the reflection of the fireworks. 

A show worthy of seeing in the first row and The Blue Chairs Resort by The Sea has reserved a privileged place in our New Year's party, which you will not resist.

New Year's dinner with the best views of the bay 

As has become a tradition, The Blue Chairs Resort by The Sea has prepared a very special New Year's party. On the stage of our Rooftop Bar, get ready to receive the 2021 Blue Chairs style, with live shows, DJ's with the most stimulating music to enter the vibe of celebrating the new year in a big way.

We are preparing a spectacular menu, so you can enjoy the spectacular views of the bay from our Rooftop Bar, which will be dressed up, as it deserves a real New Year's party.

Reserve your place for the countdown at Blue Chairs, make your wishes with the traditional grapes and toast with champagne to a year full of new adventures, more friends for fun and above all, to a year full of love. 

Our New Year's party in Puerto Vallarta is an experience you cannot miss, only at The Blue Chairs Resort by Sea. Wait for more information, soon in our social networks.

The party goes on in the iconic area of Gay Puerto Vallarta 

Once we have sated our palate, toasted with joy, been amazed by the fireworks and wished the best for the coming year, it is time to start the New Year's Eve party off right. We set the stage with the most exciting music, Gogos show and other surprises we have prepared for you.

We are at the center of all the activity in the iconic area of gay Puerto Vallarta, so entertainment and party options will not be lacking, you can check our guide for the best experience when visiting gay Puerto Vallarta. After our New Year's Eve dinner and party, there are many places to take the after party to the maximum fun for all tastes. 

Remember there are many who decide to visit the region for these dates, so don't run out of room and reserve your place at the most traditional hotel in the gay Puerto Vallarta area and enjoy your New Year's Eve party experience to the utmost.
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By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea  |  06 January 2021
Celebrate the New Year in Puerto Vallarta with Blue Chairs

In the epicenter of the best parties, and the atmosphere of gay Puerto Vallarta, discover why celebrate the new year in Puerto Vallarta

By Blue Chairs  |  01 December 2020
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