Discover the most romantic places in Puerto Vallarta. Stay at Blue Chairs!

05 July 2022 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea
Puerto Vallarta is a city recognized as one of the best LGBT destinations in the world, no matter if you are a foreigner or a Mexican traveling from another city. Here you will find yourself safe, protected, and enjoy a community free of stereotypes regarding sexuality and gender roles.

So in Puerto Vallarta, you can walk along the boardwalk, the beach, the clubs, and restaurants, holding hands with your partner and everyone will go on with their lives as normal. 

This city has become one of the most iconic destinations in Mexico, and this is thanks to the great natural and cultural diversity it has, besides being an inclusive destination for the LGBT+ community. 

This destination adapts to any type of trip and travelers, whether you decide to rest, have extreme adventures, or go on a romantic getaway. Thanks to the security provided by being in Puerto Vallarta, couples are the ones who mostly like to visit it, making it a romantic place par excellence. 

You will be able to enjoy its cobblestone streets, the alleys, the incredible sunsets and the most amazing shows. It's time to discover the 5 most romantic things to do in Puerto Vallarta. You can't miss them! 

5 romantic plans in Puerto Vallarta

Now that you've decided to travel to Mexico's safest destination for the LGBT community, you're probably wondering what romantic plans you can make, whether you're on a budget, or you're looking for things to do in Puerto Vallarta on a budget.
At Blue Chairs, the first gay beachfront hotel, we will give you a list of ideas that you will surely be able to do no matter what your budget is. 

Romantic walk through the Romantic Zone

If you are one of those romantics who love to take long walks holding hands, visiting Puerto Vallarta's famous Romantic Zone is your option. You can spend a beautiful afternoon enjoying a coffee or a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants, stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets and enjoy one of the best atmospheres in Puerto Vallarta. 

You will have the opportunity to see live music bands and on Sundays, you will be delighted with the danzón at the Plaza de Armas. In the evening, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while walking along the Malecon, or why not, strolling along the beach with bare feet. 

So if your idea of romance is to rest, be quiet and enjoy each other, do not hesitate to visit Puerto Vallarta's Romantic Zone. 

Go hiking in Puerto Vallarta

If you are a fit couple, you will love this plan. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect scenery for hiking, and it has beautiful, impressive and fun routes. 

Hiking will give you tranquility, fresh air, contemplation of nature, the great personal satisfaction of overcoming challenges and the healthy sensation of exercising your body. 

In Puerto Vallarta you will be able to do one of the most beautiful hiking routes, from Tomatlan to Las Animas. For almost 3 hours, you will walk through the jungle and along quiet and practically empty beaches, each one with a unique charm. 

Discover the islands of the Cuale River

If you want to walk, and enjoy a nice ice cream, we recommend you to visit the Isa of Rio Cuale, a quiet and relaxing oasis in the shadows of large trees, here you will find handicrafts, hanging bridges, restaurants, and food in stalls. You will love to spend a quiet time here! 

Visit Playa las Amapas and have a picnic 

One of the most romantic plans par excellence is to have a picnic, now imagine having it in front of the beach in the shade of large leafy trees that provide shade and freshness. 

The location of this beach will give you a view of the entire bay and its crystalline waters, make a basket and go spend the best day on the shores of Amapas beach. A paradise in Puerto Vallarta. 

Rest on a lounge chair and let yourself be pampered at Blue Chairs, the first gay beachfront hotel.

If you just want to rest and be pampered, you can book a room at Blue Chairs, the first gay hotel in front of the beach. Here you can rest in front of Los Muertos Beach in one of our lounge chairs. Where you can spend days of relaxation and fun in front of the sea, all while having a cocktail, or tasting some true flavor of Puerto Vallarta brought from our kitchen, sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Book a beachfront room in Puerto Vallarta

If you are tired of the stress of everyday life, work, cleaning the house, and you just want some time for yourself, to rest and be pampered all day long, staying at Blue Chairs, the first beachfront gay hotel is the right choice for you. You can enjoy cocktails at our Beach Club, or book an oceanfront room so that when you wake up, you can relax as you watch the gentle waves lap from side to side. And of course, if you are looking for fun, at Blue Chairs we present the best gay shows in Puerto Vallarta, from Hot Gogos to international Drag Queen shows. 

We invite you to spend an incredible vacation in Puerto Vallarta; book one of our incredible rooms and stay in the first gay hotel in front of the beach. You will have fun! 
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