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12 February 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea
2020 was a year of challenges and much learning. We had to change many of our habits and relationships with our environment to face an unprecedented event for the whole world. The panorama changes at every moment and governments decide to implement different strategies according to the recommendations of their advisors.

Although it was a very complicated year to travel and visit our favorite LGBT+ tourist destination, at Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea we want to remind you of the incredible and fun things that await you in Puerto Vallarta. Also, we want to let you know that we have a super flexible reservation change policy.

Because we know you want to take care of your loved ones, we offer you a excelent reservation change policy so that you do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most iconic LGBT+ tourist destinations in the world.

The most LGBT-friendly city 

The limitations of the year 2020 within the tourism industry, allowed an analysis of how the panorama of the sector is. And even more concrete of the LGBT+ tourism sector and the most community friendly destinations, to travel and create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Without being a surprise, Puerto Vallarta is within the top 5 of the best evaluated LGBT+ tourist destinations by the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Agency. Thanks to Puerto Vallarta's openness to sexual diversity, the community sees this city on the Mexican Pacific as one of the safest destinations to travel and have fun.

Of the enormous amount of tourism Puerto Vallarta receives, 1 out of 3 visitors is a member of the LGBT+ community, according to Hector Ramirez Betancur, leader of the Puerto Vallarta LGBT+ collective.

Puerto Vallarta, a city full of possibilities 

But what makes Puerto Vallarta the most visited LGBT+ tourist destination in Mexico? For starters, the atmosphere. Puerto Vallarta is a safe and friendly city for all its visitors, always open to receive and give the best treatment to those who visit our beautiful beaches.

Another component is the neighborhood of the Romantic Zone. On the shores of the iconic Playa los Muertos, since the 1980s, North American members of the LGBT+ community discovered the potential of the area and gradually shaped the space to make it the place for the community it is today.

With hotels, including Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea ;), bars, theaters, tours and cultural events, the Romantic Zone, south of Puerto Vallarta, offers endless opportunities to relax, have fun or whatever you are looking for. If you want to know more about life in the Romantic Zone, we recommend the Gay Guide for a few days in Puerto Vallarta.

Any time is good to visit Playa Los Muertos 

No doubt when you think of Puerto Vallarta you have in mind the beach. The green jewel of the Mexican Pacific has all types of beaches depending on the activity you want to do: swimming, playing, nudism, whatever you can think of. But there is one that is more iconic for the community and that is Playa los Muertos.

The prestigious digital publication Gaycities recognized Playa los Muertos as one of the best beaches for the LGBT+ community in the world. Playa los Muertos is an epicenter of activity for our community, a beach where love flows in all directions and everyone is welcome.

And right in the heart of Playa los Muertos you will find the Blue Chairs Resort by The Sea, the most traditional hotel in Puerto Vallarta and its characteristic Beach Club. The beaches in Puerto Vallarta are open since June 2020, so you can visit us without any restrictions. In the open air environment of Playa los Muertos, the chances of contagion are very low.

But if you decide you want to wait another time to visit our city, we remind you not to cancel your reservation. You can easily change your booking by contacting us from Mexico at 322 980 0532 and from the USA at 888 256 3606.

Any time of the year, Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea, will be ready to welcome you. Check our availability in our booking engine.

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