Lesbian Awareness Day

29 March 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea
On April 26th of each year we celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day, which seeks, as its name indicates, to make visible this acronym of our LGBT+ community in Mexico and around the world. 

We are very pleased to use this space to talk about this day and the importance of forming an integral community that respects each of its acronyms and joins its movements, because we are in the same struggle to reform the conception of the LGBT+ community and little by little have a space where consensual love can be professed in all its expressions, without discrimination and in equal circumstances.

As the LGBT hotel in Puerto Vallarta with the longest tradition in the Zona Romantica it is a pleasure for us to commemorate this day and talk a little about the history of the lesbian movement, the origin of the Lesbian Awareness Day and suggest the best place to celebrate it in Puerto Vallarta.

Origins of the Lesbian Awareness Day

Initiated in Spain in 2008, the Lesbian Visibility Day was promoted by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) collectives, in view of the need to give a space to each acronym to fight against their particular discriminations.

In the case of lesbians, they suffer a double discrimination. In a still very patriarchal world, women suffer discrimination for the mere fact of being women; they do not receive the same job opportunities or salaries and suffer constant gender violence, if you add to this being a lesbian in a sexist and heteronormative world, imagine the accumulation of discrimination.

In addition to participating in the unified LGBT+ Pride marches, there is also a need for spaces in which women can make visible and deliver a discourse from their particular perspective, the rights and struggles they face. 

Lesbian Awareness Day also aims to show the fundamental role that lesbians play in the public space, a call to lesbians in the public workplace to show their contribution to society and how they are a positive social reference for their communities.

Celebrate at the LGBT hotel in Puerto Vallarta with the longest tradition

Although Mexico is a predominantly heteronormative and patriarchal country, little by little the lesbian movement and the struggles that lesbians in Mexico face every day are becoming more visible. 

As we told you in our blog about Transgender Visibility Day, things are starting to change, and we must remember that our struggle as the LGBT community was born together in Mexico on July 26, 1978, we must remain united and give voice to each of the parts that make up our community.

One of the best meeting places to continue to increase the voice of the LGTB+ community and celebrate diversity and free love is Puerto Vallarta. According to the portal homosensual.com Puerto Vallarta is among the top 10 most visited destinations by lesbians in Mexico.

The Zona Romantica, on the other side of the Cuale River and on the shores of Los Muertos Beach, is the neighborhood where the LGBT+ community congregates to enjoy the hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, cafés, shows and shopping area designed especially for our tastes. Since the 80s the neighborhood has been shaping up to be one of the best LGBT+ destinations around the world.

With so much diversity, it is an excellent place to celebrate Lesbian Awareness Day this year 2021. If you are planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta, consider staying at Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea, the most traditional LGBT hotel in Puerto Vallarta in the Zona Romantica, or visit our Beach Club in Los Muertos Beach, a place to have fun and find the best company.

Don't forget, this Lesbian Awareness Day, Be Seen and Be Heard.

Lesbian Awareness Day
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