Lesbian Visibility Day How to commemorate this day?

21 April 2022 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea

We all deserve the same rights, which is why in the search for equal rights and opportunities for lesbians, Lesbian Visibility Day was born on 26 April; this day aims to shed light on the role of lesbians in public spaces and the importance of being a positive social reference, which helps to erase stereotypes and homophobia in the community.

Today, continuing to be seen as lesbian or bisexual entails prejudice, rejection and even physical and/or psychological aggression, which is why this day and every day we fight for the construction of more inclusive societies and the protection of human rights. 

How did the day of lesbian visibility begin? 

This movement was born in Spain in 2008, thanks to the actions of the so-called LGBT movement; trying to make society aware of the right of women with different sexual tastes to live, exist, love and occupy equal spaces where there is no discrimination. 

This group decided to unite and raise their voices and fight to feel part of a society that often does not make things easy for them, a society full of prejudices and with a great rejection of people with sexual tastes different from those considered conventional. 

It is essential, now more than ever, to make society in general aware of what it means to be and feel differently in order to learn to respect and value people, regardless of their race, religion or sexual preference.

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