Mismaloya, a hidden secret of Puerto Vallarta

27 July 2022 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea
It's summer, the sun, the heat, and the sea are calling you, stay at the best gay beachfront hotel in the Romantic Zone! At Blue Chairs, you will have different activities to do, either enjoying the Rooftop, the Beach Club, or simply sunbathing in front of Los Muertos Beach; if you feel like leaving the hotel, Puerto Vallarta hides many secrets you have to discover. How would you like to visit a beach of Hollywood stature? It's time to get to know a soft sandy beach and marvel at the turquoise green of the sea, it's time to visit Mismaloya.

This beautiful beach is located south of Puerto Vallarta on the west coast of Mexico, it will take you only 20 minutes to get there from Blue Chairs! This beach has become one of the most important tourist destinations in the country.

Foreign and Mexican tourists are amazed by the perfect tropical climate, the intimacy, and the peace that this place evokes. The green and lush nature contrasts with the immensity of the beach, and together they create an unforgettable landscape, these characteristics make this Mismaloya an emblematic image of Puerto Vallarta.

What to do in Mismaloya?

In Mismaloya you will find different activities, from spending a quiet day by the sea, hiking, snorkeling, or soaking up the Hollywood history of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, a little gossip that any local can tell you. 
Rest on the shores of Mismaloya
Mismaloya is the perfect beach to relax, it has soft golden sand where you can lie down, or play a game of volleyball, the weather is perfect for tanning under the sun's rays and at the end of the day cool off with a dip.

If you don't want to tan or get as red as a shrimp, in Mismaloya you will also find a palapa area, where you can rest, read a book or have a refreshing cocktail. 

Snorkeling in Mismaloya

If you prefer a little more adventure, Mismaloya is the perfect beach for snorkeling! Here you will be able to get to know the marine fauna of Puerto Vallarta thanks to the soft waves of the beach. 

You can hire a guide who will explain more about the ecosystem, or you can just rent the equipment, both options will delight you. 

Visit the Vallarta Zoo

Right in the middle of the jungle and mountains of Mismaloya you will find paved and colorful trails that will lead you to the Puerto Vallarta Zoo. Here you will find different species of animals, birds, reptiles, and others. 

One of the main attractions of this zoo is that you will be able to feed the animals, when you enter you will be given bags with healthy food, such as carrots, corn, grains and more. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and a big hat or cap, as the zoo has a slight upward slope, which can be tiring. 

Hiking in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect setting for hiking, with beautiful and breathtaking trails where you can have fun. 
Hiking will give you tranquility, fresh air, contemplation of nature, the great personal satisfaction of overcoming challenges and the healthy sensation of exercising your body. 

In Puerto Vallarta you will be able to do one of the most exotic hiking routes, and you will also be able to visit the Mismaloya Waterfalls, the tour lasts approximately 3 hours, where you will walk among the jungle and rocks, and vegetation to reach a scenery like no other. 

Keep in mind that you must be in good physical condition, because this route has steep slopes, do not forget to hire a guide to enjoy the experience to the fullest. 

Stay at Blue Chairs, a gay beachfront hotel. 

After spending the day at Mismaloya beach, swimming, walking or doing some aquatic activity, surely the only thing you want is to rest and be pampered all day long, staying at Blue Chairs, the first gay hotel in Puerto Vallarta, is the right choice for you. 

You'll enjoy cocktails at our Beach Club, and you can reserve a room facing the sea so that when you wake up, you can relax while watching the gentle waves wiggle from side to side. And of course, if you're looking for fun, at Blue Chairs we present the best LGBT+ shows in Puerto Vallarta, from Hot Gogos to international drag shows. 

Spend a wonderful summer in Puerto Vallarta; click here and stay at the first gay hotel in front of the beach. You will have fun!
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