Miss Butterfly Drag Show | A life changing experience

“Drags started the whole thing. Back in Stonewall, it was a drag queen that stood up and defended the whole LGTB + Community. It took a fucking drag queen to stand up and yell “We have the right”.”

This is a first row seat level act where her personality will rise the show, no high stage is needed. A cozy cabaret is getting ready for another Puerto Vallarta drag show, a show that for sure is like no other.

This 2020 represents different decades, a year of parties, the year to pull out the best attires to highlight the second decade of drag with 20 particular clothe changes. After all, this is “her party”. 

The story of a Drag Queen, a fortunate circumstance

By accident, Miss Butterfly’s career started 20 years ago in Montreal thanks to her best friend. 

“One of my friends was studying to be a makeup artist in Montreal at College La Salle, and he needed a model to transform a man into a woman. He’s my best friend so I went up to the studio, he transformed me and, I looked pretty good! So the following week we both decided we should dress up in Drag and go out to party in the clubs of Montreal. He did my makeup and then changed his mind so I went out by myself to party. I was dancing and having fun and at one point the manager of one of the clubs came up to me and said: “OMG! You’re so good, you’re so energetic, would you come and perform next week? I will pay you.” I was like “What? You will pay me for this? Are you kidding me? Ok, I’ll come, I’ll try it.” And this is how I started… One gig led to another.”

Her name, “Mis Butterfly”, has followed her from the beginning of her career 20 years ago. Since the start she knew what she wanted to represent and it has stuck for all this time.

“When I first started doing drag, I didn’t want people to put me in a category and this is how I came up with the name. A day butterfly can be very colorful, every color is possible, but they can also be very dark, like a moth, a night butterfly. When you see one fly, it’s impossible to tell if it is a male or female, and this is what I want to provoque. 
I also believe the evolution of a butterfly is quite unique: starts as an egg, then a caterpillar, a cocoon, and then the expansion. All this is really involved in my life with who I am myself and I represent that in my show with a lot of small changes, it’s like I’m coming out of a cocoon everytime.”

Twenty years transmitting a message of love

For Miss Butterfly, 2020 is aligning multiple decades which translates in various celebrations. Born in Lebanon, moved to Montreal at 10 years of age and living there 30 years. This 2020 it’s 20 years of career as a drag queen, 40th birthday, and 10 years since the first show at Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea, the hotel for the LGTB + Community in Puerto Vallarta.

During all the twenty years of career, Miss Butterfly’s main intention has been to transmit a message of love and respect to everyone attending her Puerto Vallarta drag show, and anywhere.

"I’ve gained a lot of confidence in 20 years of drag, I make a lot of people happy and I love that. You know, positive attitude, good vibes, it’s all very important. It’s a way of spreading love, positive energy and respect, everything is possible in life. Especially because of by origin, being from Lebanon where it’s illegal to be gay or lesbian, the LGTB + Community is extremely hidden so I think doing drag I help other people believe in themselves and be positive, and I think I deliver a great message doing this.

10 years of changing stereotypes in Puerto Vallarta

For 10 years out of the 20 doing drag, Miss Butterfly has come down from Canada to Puerto Vallarta to present her show where she has only missed a couple of seasons. Our town has become a second home where she presents a different show every season but with a permanent message: LGTB + Community claiming solidarity.

“I have a message to give behind this job. I don’t do it just because, I do it to entertain, educate, provoque and impress. So it is a job but not like any regular job. It’s a profession that can create a change in everyone’s life. You have to leave my show with a message because I’m here to change people’s lives everytime I go on stage, and Bitch, of course I do it! Every time people love it, they laugh intensely and if I don’t satisfy everybody… fuck it! It’s not my problem. You cannot please everyone. Some people get really offended and others are offended before the show but after they see it, they’re like… Oh! There are different types of drag queens.”

Miss Butterfly’s Puerto Vallarta drag shows are every Sunday and Tuesday where she will surprise you with wardrobe changes, song representations, and lots of surprises. You have to attend Miss Butterfly Cabaret Show at Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea in Puerto Vallarta. Come see for yourself, and spend an awesome evening.

“I understand why some people think all drag queens are the same, but that is their opinion. If you don’t open your mind, and haven’t seen a lot of drag shows, then where are your stats coming from? If you have only seen one drag queen and she was mean, a bitch or a negative influence, and you think we are all the same, that is not normal. You have to see other drags and then decide if you generalize or not."
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