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25 February 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea
Love happens all of a sudden, it rarely warns you, and it is hard to believe that it is really happening. An exchange of glances, shy smiles or firm approaches, you feel from your head that this person is not the same as all the people who have crossed your life.

Love is born, and together you feed it every day; dates, discussions, trips, pandemic... you have lived so many things together until you start planning a future life and a word comes that many of us are very excited about: Wedding!

There are many places where you can celebrate your wedding, but there is a special magic to do it on the beach. The sound of the sea, a beautiful sunset and a promise of love that you will never forget. Here's what you need to know for your next gay beach wedding.

Equal Marriage in Mexico
Much had to be fought so that societies could accept consensual love in all its presentations. After a struggle that we must recognize the LGTBQ+ activist collectives for the authorities to recognize our rights as citizens. Today, at least in the western part of the planet, there are many countries that already accept the union between people who love each other, regardless of their gender.

In the case of our country, since June 2015 the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation declared unconstitutional the prohibition for egalitarian marriages in Mexico. This forced states to modify their civil codes to accept egalitarian marriages. In the case of Jalisco, the code was reformed in May 2016.

The legalization of equal marriages in Mexico opened the door for LGTBQ+ wedding tourism. And the fact is that the country has really beautiful destinations for gay weddings on the beach. Mexico's coasts are beautiful like few others in the world. Starting with Puerto Vallarta, the best gay-friendly beach destination in all of Latin America, according to the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Agency.

The romance and fun of a gay wedding on the beach<
Imagine saying “I do” under the shelter of the sun drawing that golden path to the sea as it slowly dips below the horizon. The romance of sealing a promise with your partner, while your loved ones accompany you. Puerto Vallarta offers you an ideal scenario to seal a chapter in your lives and start a new, more exciting one.

And not only romance... There are lots of fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta! Being one of the top destinations for the LGBTQ+ community, there are tons of options for fun, especially in the Romantic Zone, the city's quintessential gay neighborhood. With drag shows, bars, restaurants and nightclubs ready to have fun.

A good option for the bachelor party is the Hot Gogos show at the rooftop bar of Blue Chairs Resort by The Sea, in the heart of the Romantic Zone. Delight your eyes with the ocean and the toned bodies of our funny dancers that promise your temperature.

Your option to stay at your wedding in Puerto Vallarta
If you have already decided that Puerto Vallarta will be the destination for your gay beach wedding, don't forget to consider Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea as your best option to stay. We are the most traditional gay friendly hotel in the romantic zone, with many amenities and a privileged location.

We have promotions for groups and events, with previous reservation. You can also ask for our Rooftop bar to organize your wedding reception, we can reserve it just for you and your companions.

Don't hesitate and contact us to celebrate your next gay wedding on the beach.

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