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23 June 2022 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea
The meaning of vacation is different from person to person. There are those who prefer to travel to get to know new cultures and customs, travel to taste different types of food and discover new flavors, others prefer to go to the beach, lie in a hammock while enjoying the sun kissing their skin while feeling the sand on their feet, but there are also the adventurous souls who love strong emotions and crave adrenaline rushes.

If what you want is to enjoy each of the activities we have mentioned, but what you are specifically looking for are extreme emotions, in Puerto Vallarta you will find the solution; the extreme activities in Puerto Vallarta are very varied. From zip lining over the jungle to diving under the waves, no matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Puerto Vallarta. 

At Blue Chairs, the first gay hotel by the beach, we will be ready to welcome you after a day exposed to strong emotions, here we leave you a list of the best extreme activities in Puerto Vallarta, no matter if you are traveling with your family, couple or friends, we assure you great fun! 

The best extreme activities in Puerto Vallarta

Off-road vehicle tours

If you like motorcycles and the outdoors, you'll love taking a ride on all-terrain vehicles along selected routes in Puerto Vallarta. You will be able to drive through dirt roads that pass through villages before entering the jungle, where you will find muddy trails and areas full of vegetation that will captivate you. Don't forget to rest a little to last the whole way, one of the points where you can do it is near the Cuale River, where you can enjoy its natural pools. 

You can rent single or double ATVs, so you can turn your extreme tour into a romantic tour, hugging your other half. 

Marietas Islands

One of the tours that do not seem so extreme, but they are, is the visit to the Marietas Islands, you can approach them aboard a guided tour, in which you can snorkel and see different types of fish swimming with you; but if you really want to live the full experience, you must visit the Island of love, which can only be reached by swimming, so you must have a great physical condition to reach and enjoy the beautiful scenery that will give you this place. 

We recommend that you reserve your tour in advance, because as it is a protected area, only a certain number of people can enter per day. 

Mountain biking

It is time to put all those hours at the gym to the test. In Puerto Vallarta you can go hiking or take bicycle tours, mountain biking in Puerto Vallarta is gradually gaining weight in terms of extreme tours. 

In Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings you will be able to make an incredible trip through urban areas, towns, jungle and mountains where you will observe the fauna and flora of the place and you will marvel at its landscapes. From steep climbs to thrilling descents, get ready to feel the thrill and get some exercise in Puerto Vallarta. 

Thriller Jet Boat

Do you find boat tours boring? No more! Puerto Vallarta has the most fun ride that will accelerate your heart, for this activity you will get on a large boat that can accommodate up to 12 passengers with a power of 440 horsepower. Can you imagine? You will be able to feel the waves hitting your skin, your heart racing and the wind on your face. 

This boat will reach up to 100 km per hour, so hold on tight, get your sunscreen and go for the adventure. 


If you are looking for something quieter, parachute is a very fun and low-risk activity that will make you fly. Reaching heights of over 50 meters, you will be able to see Puerto Vallarta and enjoy the scenery from above. This is an excellent way to start your "career" as an extreme adventure enthusiast. 

Skydiving is most popular in Playa de los Muertos, so when you stay at Blue Chairs, the first gay beachfront hotel, you'll have this activity available just steps away. 

Book a room at Blue Chairs, the first gay beachfront hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

After doing adventure tourism, you are probably looking for a place where you can rest, enjoy the beach, delicious food and cocktails and that is LGBT+ friendly. Look no further! You will find all this and more at Blue Chairs, the first gay hotel in Puerto Vallarta. 

In addition to total relaxation and an incredible atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy our shows designed specifically for you, whether it is to delight your eyes or to make you laugh. We present the best LGBT+ shows in Puerto Vallarta. Our The Rooftop Bar becomes the ideal setting for our shows that have become a must-see for LGBT+ tourism in Puerto Vallarta. We are waiting for you! 

Visit the best gay beach in Mexico and book a room at Blue Chairs, We are waiting for you! 
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