What is Blue Flag certification? Get to know the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta!

16 March 2022 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea

Spring is just around the corner, sunny days and warm weather are just around the corner, and with them comes an increase in energy thanks to the sun's rays and vitamin D. Spring definitely makes us feel happier, and what better place to enjoy the warm weather and the soft breeze kissing your face than the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. 

Take advantage of this long weekend that gives us the beginning of spring, and of course, the birthday of Benito Juárez to visit the best beaches of Puerto Vallarta and stay where the fun begins: at Blue Chairs

What is Blue Flag certification? 

Imagine spending your vacations in a totally clean beach, with crystal clear waters and with all the services at your fingertips; this is what you can find in Blue Flag certified beaches. 

This is a recognition that is granted to beaches and marinas only if they comply with excellence in 4 areas: environmental education, water quality, environmental management and management, as well as quality in safety and services.


Having the Blue Flag certification gives you the certainty that the beaches meet 33 strict criteria based on the 4 environmental and service aspects mentioned above, developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Pack your bags and plan a route to get to know all the Blue Flag certified beaches in Puerto Vallarta. 

4 Blue Flag certified beaches in Puerto Vallarta


Whether your plan is to lie on the sand and get a tan, or have a more active afternoon, at Palmares Beach you will find fun, either with your partner or friends. You'll find speedboats for a ride on the sea, or even a ride on the Banana Boat. 

Thanks to the Blue Flag certification, the water here is crystal clear and clean, making it perfect for a delicious and refreshing dip, and if you get hungry you will surely find one or two vendors of the traditional fish on a stick on the beach. 

Don't forget to bring sunscreen and plenty of water, staying hydrated is essential to enjoy the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

Camarones Beach

Perfect for a long walk holding hands with your other half, the sand is soft and smooth, so it lends itself perfectly for it. The waves are calm, which makes it a good place to swim without worries. Besides, on this beach you will never be hungry or thirsty, you can enjoy the gastronomy of Puerto Vallarta in the hundreds of bars and restaurants that are located on the shore.

This, like Los Muertos, is a beach with a large LGBT+ community, so you will surely find activities, bars or restaurants where you will spend incredible afternoons or evenings. 

Gold Beach

On this beach, you will find the perfect place to sunbathe or practice beach sports, such as volleyball and soccer. If you decide to rest on the soft sand and have a good view, you will be able to witness the arrival of the large cruise ships that stop at the nearby Maritime Terminal.

And as souvenirs are a must, you will also find beautiful handicrafts to take home with you. 


This beautiful beach is embraced by large rocks, golden sand of medium texture and normally gentle waves; the water is the most striking feature of this beach, it is emerald-green and almost transparent. 

It is the favorite if you want to make a romantic getaway, or rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Remember to bring food, drinks, sunscreen and an umbrella. 

Stay at Blue Chairs, the best gay hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

At Blue Chairs, where the fun begins, we are ready to welcome you this long weekend, whether you decide to stay in our penthouse, or in an oceanfront room; each one of them will be specially prepared for you and your companions. You can enjoy delicious cocktails at The Rooftoop Bar or The Beach Club. Book a room now and start planning your dream vacation. 

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