The best season to visit Puerto Vallarta

26 February 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea
Puerto Vallarta boasts great weather and a pleasant climate year round, and although many foreign tourists prefer to vacation during the autumn - winter season to take advantage of the beach. The summer months are also a fantastic time to visit this beautiful city.

City Life
Nobody likes to reach their destination and see it without any movement, in the winter the weather in Puerto Vallarta draws people from around the world, meaning the city is always buzzing with excitement. These are the preferred dates for vacationers from Canada and the United States to come, relax and escape the cold from the places where they reside. The bars and clubs in Puerto Vallarta can reach their maximum capacity, which makes this time of year the best for those who wish to take advantage of the city’s vibrant nightlife.

It’s a great place to spot whales!
So what are some of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta? Between October and February, humpback whales make their long migration from Canada to the Mexican Pacific in search of the ideal temperate waters in order to give birth to their calves and mate. Puerto Vallarta’s weather seems to create ideal sea conditions for these amazing marine mammals and this time of year whale sightings occur daily. You can enjoy the majesty of these marine giants by taking an offshore tour. Without a doubt, it’s a must-do for anyone visiting Puerto Vallarta during the winter.

The best sunsets
The weather in Puerto Vallarta also contributes to their unparalleled sunsets! Admire the pastel painted sky as the sun dips into the abyss of the Pacific Ocean, a show that is repeated daily during the fall - winter season. Why not enjoy it with your partner or friends at Blue Chairs Resort located right on Los Muertos Beach in gay Puerto Vallarta, you’ll have the best view in the bay. Then, once darkness hits, tour around Puerto Vallarta's nightclubs, also home to some of the best gay and LGBT clubs in the city.

Bad weather it’s impossible
Puerto Vallarta is well known for its slogan “no bad days”, and it’s true! It’s uncommon for a day to go by when the sun isn’t shining, it rarely rains, and you’ll always find a cool breeze, is there anything else you could ask for? The weather in Puerto Vallarta lets you forget be worried so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. At any time of the day, you can enjoy your outdoor activities without inconvenience. So what are you waiting for?! Any season is the ideal season to take advantage and reserve some tours and get to know the surroundings of the city.

Don't think twice and visit Puerto Vallarta

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