Top 8 Mexican Drag Queens: Follow them on Instagram

27 August 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea
Do you know what Drag Queens are? They are the epitome of performance and entertainment in front of an audience. This type of show is usually organized in nightclubs and gay pride festivals, or among LGBT communities. At Blue Chairs Resort we also offer this kind of shows.  
Top 8 Mexican Drag Queens
In the following top we are going to see 8 Mexican Drag Queens that deserve to be followed on Instagram. Without a doubt, each style and personality won´t go unnoticed. 

1- Alexis3XL

Alexis 3XL is one of the famous Drag Queens coming from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. This Drag Queen shows that a huge human body is a canvas to do amazing things. She is known for bringing into the drag world characters of our daily life such as Mamá Contienda, Miss Peggy and Majin Boo.

2- Veneno Tonic

She is one of the most notorious Genderfuck exponents in the Drag world. Her costumes reflect the joy and strength of the carnivals of Veracruz, where she comes from.

3- Bárbara Durango

Wit comes in each of her presentations and Bárbara Durango knows it. She participated in La Más Draga and besides being a beautiful face and a sexy Drag Queen, she has a lot of wood as an actress.

4- Quetzal Luna

In this list we can't miss a good girl who looks pretty bad. Quetzal Luna is one of the girls who took over social media. She has participated in Sailor Fag videos and she is great.

5- Paris Bang

Vocalist, business woman and Drag. Paris Bang is one of the women who prove what being fabulous in a stage is. She has 4 hit singles on Spotify, is the author of La Carrera Drag and has had appearances on Telehit, HBO and other TV stations.

6- Aurora Wonders

Aurora Wonders should represent Mexico in a universal show like RuPaul Drag Race. She is all in one: vocalist, actress, dancer, fashionist, reporter and more talents to be added along the way. 

7- La Prietty Guoman

She is a trans-Drag Queen lady who made the decision to follow up Drag. Prietty Guoman performs a show centered on her experience in the LGBT+ world. Really, seeing her on stage is a party. 

8- Yolanda 

She is a Messy Queen who has taken her art to her Youtube channel, where we have the chance to see her adventures in CDMX, interviews with various LGBT+ influencers and her other passion, dancing. Yolanda takes her Drag to the highest degree and watching her is like watching a piece of art.

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