Benefits of traveling to the beach

03 November 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea
The year is almost over, and you still haven't taken a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's time to do it! Fall is the perfect time to visit the beach, the weather is no longer so hot and there are not so many visitors, so you can rest, relax and pamper yourself to the fullest. In addition, visiting the beach brings benefits for your health, find out which ones here: 

Bye-bye stress!

Waking up in one of our beachfront rooms, having a cup of your favorite drink and listening to the waves, will free you from the stress of everyday life. 
Listening to the sounds of nature such as the wind, the birds singing and feeling the sea breeze on your skin will help you relax your mind and forget the stress of everyday life. 

More vitamin D 

Low vitamin D levels are associated with various health problems, such as hypertension, depression and diabetes; a trip to the sun will boost your vitamin D levels and make you feel more fulfilled and at peace. 

Give your respiratory system a break 

Spending a few days at sea level is the break your respiratory system needs, breathing the sea breeze and its salts will help your lungs to purify and fill with energy to return to the city, plus your sleep quality will improve. 

Sand and salts will become your best friends. 

Taking a long walk on the beach will do wonders for your feet, as it works as a natural exfoliant, entering the sea will also make your skin look amazing thanks to its healing properties. 
Vacation at Blue Chairs! 

Don't think twice and enjoy the beaches of Puerto Vallarta! Blue Chairs is located a few blocks from downtown in the Romantic Zone where you can find everything you need to spend a dream vacation; stores, bars, the boardwalk, all within walking distance! It's time to book one of our rooms and take advantage of the offers that autumn has brought to you.  

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