What is the difference between a DRAG Queen and a Cross-dresser?

26 August 2021 By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea
The term DRAG Queen has become part of the common lexicon, but are we really using the term correctly?Aren’t we misusing it? Mixing it with other words, such as Cross-dresser? Maybe not. That is why at bluechairs.com we want to show you the difference between a DRAG Queen and a Cross-dresser.

Below, you will find more about the etymology and meaning of each of these terms, and after that, you will be able to understand exactly the difference between each one.

  What is a Cross-dresser?

It is one of several possible identities within the transgender spectrum. It’s common to associate the term with a transsexual woman who hasn’t undergone sexual readjustment surgery, but this is a misperception.

The decision to recognize oneself as a Cross-dresser is up to the person. In general, a Cross-dresser is a person who dresses as a different gender, because they see clothes as a way to express their sexuality.

Even though Cross-dressers are increasingly present in the professional market and in higher education, the lack of opportunities and social marginalization of this group often lead to it being treated in a derogatory way, which is unfair, since no-one should be discriminated against for who they are.

What are DRAG Queens?

DRAG Queens are performers who use clothing and items such as wigs and makeup, often of the opposite sex, for entertainment purposes.

It has nothing to do with gender identity or sexual orientation: anyone, gay, straight, bisexual or transgender can be a sexy DRAG Queen (or DRAG King, as women with male personas are called).
DRAG Queen is an English word often used to refer to male singers and actors, who perform in women's clothing and makeup, usually in gay shows.

The history of the DRAG Queens dates back to 1870: The term appears to be an acronym for“Dressed Resembling A Girl”. Additionally, the term Queen is a reference to the "regal" attitude that DRAG performers adopt on stage, to provide the best gay entertainment.

Difference between a DRAG Queen and a Cross-dresser

The difference between DRAG Queens and Cross-dressers is that the latter dress up as a different gender in everyday life, while the former only do during their work performances: However, this doesn´t mean that they only do it for work.

Using the term Cross-dresser to refer to a DRAG Queen is a mistake, because although both Cross-dressers and DRAG Queens present like women in the aesthetic, in their inner self they are totally different.

A DRAG Queen (or DRAG King) is an entertainer, a fictional character created, animated and embodied by a person. Most famous DRAG Queens are gay men (but not all) just as many DRAG Kings are lesbian women (but not all).

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What is the difference between a DRAG Queen and a Cross-dresser?
By Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea  |  26 August 2021

What is the difference between a Drag Queen / King and a Cross-dresser.

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