What to do in Punta Mita? A paradise near Puerto Vallarta

03 August 2022 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea
If you're tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the stress of work, and the noise of the city, we invite you to take a break at Puerto Vallarta's first beachfront gay hotel. At Blue Chairs, you can have a great time, enjoy the best LGBT+ shows in Puerto Vallarta, such as the Hot Gogos, or appreciate a good Drag Queens show. You can also witness the warmth of the locals, delight yourself with delicious food and have a great time at Los Muertos Beach. 

The magic of Puerto Vallarta is that everywhere you turn you will have things to do, new paradises to discover and new adventures to live. No matter if you are traveling alone, with a group of friends or with your other half; Puerto Vallarta adapts to the activity you want to do, and if this summer what you want is to discover a magical fishing village that guarantees comfort, water activities, delicious food and relaxation, it is time to travel and discover what to do in Punta Mita, a paradise near Puerto Vallarta.

Get ready with your best swimsuits, and go live an experience like no other. Starting from Blue Chairs, the first gay hotel in front of the sea; you will only have to drive for 1 hour and 30 minutes, you will be able to look around and appreciate the most beautiful landscapes, or take the opportunity to take a nap and arrive with all your batteries to enjoy the best beaches of Punta de Mita, and if you dare, you can even learn how to surf, you can't miss it! 

5 things to do in Punta De Mita

Punta de Mita is a small town, but with a lot of charm, you will fall in love with its beach, its beautiful sunsets, the warmth of its inhabitants, and of course, the food, everything you will taste is fresh, probably from the catch of the day. 

In Punta de Mita you will find different activities that will make you spend a dreamy afternoon, so when you return to your oceanfront room at Blue Chairs, the first gay hotel in Puerto Vallarta, you will only want to be pampered, and we know how to do it very well. 

Here is a list of activities in Punta de Mita that we recommend: 

Take a boat ride 

Start your trip with a quiet but exciting boat ride, enjoy a sunny day and admire the scenery while you feel the sea breeze hitting your face. Also, you will be able to spot beautiful birds and see the beauty of the water with its marine life, 

If you want to fish or dive, you can do it, it's just a matter of bringing your equipment or renting snorkeling or diving equipment in Punta de Mita. 

Do you feel like surfing?, visit el Anclote Beach

On this beach you will enjoy a tropical atmosphere and delicious seafood at the shore of the beach. Thanks to the difference in depth on this beach you can do different activities such as: sunbathing on the golden sand, swimming on the beach, paddleboarding, kayaking, or even surfing; if you don't know how to do it, there are instructors! So you'll have an amazing afternoon choosing the activity you like the most. 

Horseback riding on the beach

If you are looking for a different activity, Punta Mita offers you the option of horseback riding along its beaches and jungle, a very relaxing experience that you can't miss.

It is ideal to enjoy every day of the week and discover the landscape of the destination while riding, undoubtedly this is a nice activity to experience with your other half and get in touch with nature.

Stroll through Guachimonton

Very close to Punta Mita and the town of Higuera Blanca you will find some very interesting pyramids that the locals call "Guachimonton", an architectural complex with pyramids, one of which is 9 meters high and has been studied and catalogued as an archeological jewel of the place. 

If you want to walk a little and appreciate the natural beauty of Nayarit, this is the activity for you. 

Play golf and get a massage

If you are a fan of this sport, you will love this. Punta Mita is the ideal place to practice golf, you will have beautiful sceneries that together with the perfect weather will make you have incredible golf games. 

You can visit one of its 5 international championship courses and marvel at the greenery of its courses. 

You can also take a relaxing massage by the beach, in short; you will have fun in Punta de Mita. 

Book an oceanfront room in Puerto Vallarta

After a day of fun in Punta de Mita you probably just want to rest, and for that there is Blue Chairs, the first gay hotel in front of the beach. Here you'll enjoy cocktails at our Beach Club, or you can relax by the sea and wake up while you watch the waves wiggle from side to side. And of course, if you are looking for fun, at Blue Chairs we present the best gay shows in Puerto Vallarta, from Hot Gogos to international Drag Queen shows. 

We invite you to spend an astounding vacation in Puerto Vallarta; book one of our incredible rooms and stay in the first gay hotel in front of the beach. You will have fun! 
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