Where to celebrate September 15th in Puerto Vallarta, shout, "¡Viva México!" with Blue Chairs!

09 September 2022 By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea
The year went by in the blink of an eye, and finally the most Mexican month of all has arrived. If you are planning a September vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you are probably wondering where to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day in Vallarta? Blue Chairs has the answer! 

Mexican Independence Day is the perfect excuse for Mexicans to celebrate, eat delicious food and, why not, have a shot or two of tequila. Besides, it is a celebration that attracts foreign tourists who want to have a good time, get to know our traditions, enjoy the delicious Mexican gastronomy and also, live the party just like Mexico, know how to do it. 

Puerto Vallarta is characterized by the great festive atmosphere it has at any time of the year, and of course during the national holidays this is intensified, offering a few days full of fun and national rejoicing.

At Blue Chairs, the first beachfront gay hotel, we want you to have fun, that's why we made a list with 4 options of where to celebrate September 15th in Vallarta. 

What to do on September 15th in Vallarta? 

Traditional celebration in Plaza de Armas

Every year Puerto Vallarta is painted in green, white and red, you will find antojitos in every corner and a lot of partying. The festivities in this city start on the 14th, you can witness the charro parade, and get into the Mexican traditions by enjoying the Kermes. 

On September 15, the date is at the Plaza de Armas, a few steps from the Malecón, one of the most emblematic points of the city. Hundreds of Mexicans and some foreign tourists gather there to live one of the experiences that you must experience once in your life, the municipal president gives the shout: Viva Mexico, and as is tradition, he repeats it three times while the people respond in chorus with a Viva!

Afterwards you can stay for the big party full of Mexican snacks and loud music. 

Give the shout on a pirate ship

If you are looking for a different and fun way to celebrate September 15th, how would you like to spend the national holidays on a pirate ship? In Puerto Vallarta, this is possible. 

You will celebrate on the sea, with live music, a delicious dinner, an open bar and a great sound and light show. The Marigalante is dressed in green, white, and red for you to live this tradition. The ship sails at 8 pm, to start the party hours before, here you can watch the fireworks firsthand and get excited with the shout of Viva Mexico.

Celebrate at The Rooftop Bar 

At The Rooftop Bar, you can enjoy the best panoramic views and have a great time enjoying a Drag Show. With the preferential view we enjoy at Playa Los Muertos you will be able to watch the fireworks while sipping your favorite cocktail. At Blue Chairs, fun is guaranteed for everyone, enjoy our bar even if you are not a guest of our hotel. We are waiting for you!

Celebrate in an emblematic bar or restaurant of Puerto Vallarta

The bars and restaurants of Puerto Vallarta prepare weeks in advance to decorate their venues with a very Mexican ambiance, and on the day of the event they broadcast the "grito", either local or national. Music and traditional food are present, and you will also be able to taste one or two cocktails that you will love. Don't miss the pyrotechnics, which illuminate the night waves and make the joy of those who gather to enjoy the show explode.

Don't forget to make reservations in advance, as this is a national holiday and they tend to fill up fast. We don't want you to be waiting for a table when the party has already started. 

Room in front of Los Muertos beach, stay at Blue Chairs! 

If you want to celebrate the holidays in the heat, tanning on the sand and enjoying the beach, there's no better place to do it than the first gay beachfront hotel in Vallarta: Blue Chairs. Book one of our ocean view rooms, and enjoy all the amenities of our hotel, from drag shows, hot gogos and spa. 

Book your room here today, we are waiting for you! 
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Where to celebrate September 15th in Puerto Vallarta, shout, "¡Viva México!" with Blue Chairs!
By Blue Chairs Resort By The Sea  |  09 September 2022

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